How to Live in Luxury in the Philippines on a $2,000 Monthly Income

Do you begrudge the life of extravagance being delighted in by individuals in evolved nations, wishing you also could life such a day to day existence however inadequate with regards to the $10,000 of month to month pay required for such a day to day existence? Indeed, I challenge you to think about living in the Philippines, either on a full or low maintenance premise. Retirement doesn’t involve age; it involves having enough continuous salary. With a $2,000 month to month salary (or benefits or annuity), one can genuinely carry on with an existence of extravagance. I present how this is done and list the essential costs of living in the Philippines as an outsider.


Manila is a clamoring and energizing city, however loaded with blockage and costly land, much as any significant city in the Western world. The further one gets from Manila, the lower the typical cost for basic items facilities. Obviously, there is consistently the compromise of the more a distant area you to, the less solace and Western world civilities will you find.

Thus, I generally counsel individuals to think about the significant auxiliary urban areas of Cebu or Davao, or the Subic Bay zone, or resort or college networks, for example, Baguio, Dumaguete, Tacloban, and Cagayan De Oro. The expense of lodging in these regions is significantly beneath Manila, yet they have promptly accessible air access all through the network, and on the grounds that outsiders will in general support living in these territories, there are more upscale lodging facilities to choose from.

The two urban areas with the most sumptuous comforts for a Westerner, outside of Manila, are Cebu City and Davao City.

In these two urban areas you can hope to pay from $300 month to month for a little condo to a high of $800 month to month for an extravagance house in a gated network with a pool. A comparable rental in the USA would could about $3,000 to $4,000 month to month. A comparable house in Manila would cost about $1,500 to $2,000 month to month, or more, contingent upon the area in Manila.


For the extravagance life, you will need several servants, one to watch out for the cooking and shopping, and another to keep an eye on the clothing and house keeping. They will do all the shopping for food (at a lower cost than you would actually get), wash and iron all your garments, and have your preferred food prepared for you at every dinner. A genuine extravagance which is totally excessively expensive in the Western world on $2,000 every month. Two house cleaners would cost less around $100 to $120 month to month.

A driver would likely be wanted should you decide to buy your own vehicle. While living in Cebu City a couple of years back, I had another vehicle that I drove myself, yet I discovered rapidly that by recruiting a driver for $80 per month, the vehicle was constantly kept in flawless condition, and I had somebody to watch out for the vehicle while I was at eateries, shopping, or at business arrangements. I never needed to stress over where to leave the vehicle or insignificant robbery or decimation of the vehicle. While living in Butuan City I tend to not utilize an individual vehicle so much, however I have thought that it was as yet worth having a driver.


With $2,000 per month pay, I would not decide on neighborhood Philippine medical coverage programs, rather I would buy a global for outsiders living abroad. Contingent upon your age and any preconditions, an approach for which you would pay $500 month to month in the USA would cost you round $200 month to month.


With your lodging, house cleaner administrations, transportation and medical care gave for around $1,200 month to month, this leaves you $800 month to month everything else. Utilities (electric, water, telephone, phone, rapid web access and digital TV) will indicate around $150 month to month, carry the combined all out to $1,350 month to month.

This leave $650 month to month for food, amusement, fuel for your vehicle, travel, individual consideration things. Goods will be about $250 month to month, and fuel and individual consideration things may add up to $50 month to month, which leaves around $350 for dinners in eateries, diversion and travel. Eating suppers out two or three times each week and month to month amusement would cost around $200 month to month, so you would in any case have $150 month to month of abundance assets for reserve funds.


Each is not the same as the other from various perspectives, and Davao City living expenses are not exactly those in Cebu City, so your way of life there can be significantly more noteworthy.

Cebu has an enormous populace of unfamiliar retirees corresponding to its populace. Outsiders are attracted to its bounty of sea shores and resorts. It is a lovely city, encircled by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Like Manila, it also has its upscale, current shopping centers, gambling clubs, and an incredible night life.

The individuals who love living close to the ocean side, have interests in plunging and other water sports, yet like the effectiveness and courtesies of a littler current city, at that point Cebu City would be your decision.

Davao City is THE city of Mindanao, and by square miles it is the second biggest city on the planet. Its populace is roughly 1.4 million. Situated on the southern of Mindanao, it is the more country of the two urban communities, and it has the most minimal average cost for basic items. Thus, on the off chance that you appreciate the way of life of an enormous city, and need more cash in your pocket toward the month’s end, at that point Davao is the spot for you.

Davao City doesn’t get huge quantities of unfamiliar voyagers as does Cebu City, yet for those looking for open air experiences, the alternatives are copious. Living in Davao is somewhat similar to living in both a metropolitan and a country city, as the city has current malls, upscale gated networks and lodgings, yet living there you become profoundly attached to the land outside the city.

The significant thing in living in the Philippines is to do your examination, in view of your needs, needs and wants, and tie into somebody who has gone before you and can give you insight by directing you through the variety of inquiries and nerves.