How to Sell an Open House in 21 Days Or Less

Ask the TOP salesperson in your office if you can hold one of their houses open.
This is key to selling the house: Ask the TOP salesperson in your office if you can advertise the house under your name.
Advertise the house, in a major trade publication such as Real Estate Guide, your local newspaper, and all their online sister publications.
#Put your picture and name on the advertisement. This is not stealing; there is nothing in the listing contract preventing this! It gives you credibility.
Arrive at the property one day prior; if you cannot do this (e.g., the owner lives there), show up 30 minutes prior.
Do not buy expensive decorations or other things to make the house “better.” The property will be excellent already because you chose to help your TOP salesperson (see step 1 & 2).
Dress like the top salesperson and make sure if you are a different age, you dress appropriately. (See the tips below for more attire advice.)
When guests arrive, greet them at the door and hold out the clipboard to them immediately. Do not tell them to sign it; be confident and if you hand it to them they will do it. If not, you either have a buyer or a person whom you don’t want their name, anyway.
Accompany all guests as much as possible. If you predict a large crowd (usually your crowd will be smaller than you think), give short tours and round back to the front door. You do NOT WANT PEOPLE SNEAKING IN without your knowledge. This is for your safety.

Do not tell the guests too much, but don’t tell them too little. A good way to tell is to watch their body language. If they are interested, ask them questions.
Guard yourself from litigation by avoiding serious property questions such as property lines, health of the property, private property, and mechanicals (water heater, furnace). If a matter of any of those things arrive, simply say, “I can find that out,” and write the question down. Use it as associate degree excuse to decision them back future day.
When all the guests have departed, and the house is empty, gather your things, secure the property, and call the top salesperson. Assure her that you have hosted and had a good response.
The next day, follow up with all your guests. Thank them for arriving. Tell them when you will have it open and that you are willing to take them on another tour tonight if you can.
Write a thank-you card to the guests you believe were the most interested. Write a thank-you to the top salesperson.
Repeat weekly. You will start to gather confidence. This is how I sold my first properties early on in my business. It is also how I gained listings, and garnered the support – and valuable training – of top agents in my state.

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