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House Glossary ( UK )

Acceptance When you are supplied and accept a mortgage give from a lender this is what you have to have to sign and return. APR Stands for ‘Annual Percentage Rate’ relating to interest on a loan Applicant The term made use of by an estate agent to refer to you when you are a possible purchaser of a house. Appraisal When promoting your property an estate agent will ‘appraise’ your house to identify a existing worth for it. Arrangement Charge Some lenders might ask for this charge for delivering or ‘arranging’ a loan Assignment The transfer of ownership from 1 particular person to an additional. For instance if you purchase a leasehold house ownership is ‘assigned’ to you by way of the contract. Base Price This is the lowest price of interest a bank will charge when it lends you income and is made use of as a benchmark to set interest prices for borrowers. This price set by the Bank of England and is reviewed various instances a year. Lenders will charge borrowers a margin above the base price. Bridging Finance/Loan You might have to have ‘Bridging Finance’ if you are obtaining a new house prior to promoting your existing property. This is to ‘bridge’ the gap prior to you have sold your house so as to full the obtaining method of your new house prior to promoting your current household. Broker This is a particular person who advises on mortgages and loans, recognized as a ‘mortgage broker’ Capped Price The maximum set interest price you will spend on a mortgage for a set period of time. This suggests that the interest price can not go greater than the capped price for the duration of the specified time period, generally the very first couple of years of the loan. Chain This refers to a sequence of purchasers and sellers. Most men and women who sell their properties are also obtaining at the similar time. There can be a ‘chain’ of various purchasers and sellers, each and every dependent on each and every other for the sale and buy of their new properties. If 1 purchaser or seller drops out the entire chain might collapse, major to a domino impact exactly where the paperwork for various properties is delayed or cancelled altogether. Chain No cost This is when the owner of house does not have to have to sell the house in order to purchase an additional, as a result it is supplied chain totally free. Collateral Your property is ‘Collateral’ when made use of as a assure you will repay a loan to your lender. If you do not maintain up with repayment your property could be sold by the lender to get back the income they have loaned you. Completion This is the final stage of the house obtaining method – when the agreed sale price tag has been paid by the purchaser to the seller. Legal ownership has been transferred from the seller to the purchaser of the house. Contents Insurance coverage This insurance coverage is taken out to cover/defend individual belongings that are in your household. Contract This is the agreement that when signed by the purchaser and seller binds each parties to the sale and buy of the house. Conversion This can refer to a house that has had the loft converted into a area, or a property that has been converted into flats. Conveyancing The name of the legal method that transfers house ownership from the seller to the purchaser. Covenant A requirement by law on the owner of a house to either do or not do a thing with their house. CAM Stands for Existing Account Mortgage CCJ This stands for County Court Judgement. If you have a judgement against you for defaulting on a debt it might imply you are turned down for future loans or spend a greater interest price. Deeds The legal documents with regards to a house. Default This is a term made use of when you do not do as you agreed, eg. failing to make a mortgage payment. If you fail to make mortgage payments (or default), your household could be repossessed. Delayed Completion Generally completion requires significantly less than 28 days following the exchange of contracts. If it requires spot following 28 days then it is named ‘delayed completion’ Deposit In terms of mortgages a deposit is the initial lump sum payment the purchaser contributes towards the total buy price tag of the house. Disbursements This is an additional word for the legal charges involved with buying a house.

Discounted Price This form of mortgage has an interest price reduce than the lender’s Normal Variable Price (SVR). Early Repayment Charge This is a charge or ‘fee’ payable if you spend element or all of your mortgage off earlier than agreed. This is made use of to compensate the lender for interest that would have been paid if the mortgage had run for the complete time period agreed. Equitable Interest When a particular person has some legal rights to a house but not like sale of the house. Equity This is what you truly personal – it is the distinction among the market place worth of your house and the quantity of the loan you nevertheless owe to the lender. Exchange of Contracts This is the point at which the purchaser and seller are legally bound to full the sale. Execution Only A service with no tips, just carry out the orders of a buyer. Fixed Price Mortgage A mortgage which has a ‘fixed’ price of interest for a set period of time. Fixtures and Fittings These are products in a property that are integrated in the sale. For instance lighting fixtures, carpets and so on – these must be agreed / confirmed prior to a sale. Versatile Mortgage As the name suggests this mortgage is versatile in terms of how you spend the loan back. An instance could be that it permits you to make overpayments or spend off your mortgage early. Freehold Full ownership of a piece of land and the house that is on it. Gazumping This is when a vendor (seller) accepts an give but later rejects it to accept a greater give by an additional purchaser. Gazundering This is the opposite of gazumping – when the purchaser threatens to pull out just prior to the exchange of contracts if the price tag is not lowered. Gearing Employing loaned funds to progress investments. For instance, obtaining a property with a little deposit and the rest with a mortgage and then promoting the house on at a greater price tag, creating a profit. Ground Rent This is rent paid annually by the leaseholder of a house to the owner of the freehold. Ordinarily it is paid to the owners of the land on which the house/properties are constructed. Guarantor A particular person who agrees to assure that they will spend a debt or loan if you default on payment. Property Facts Pack ( HIP ) Also recognized as a ‘Sellers Pack’ this will be a mandatory Survey from the 1st of June 2007 to be developed by a household owner or promoting agents by way of a household inspector prior to a house can be place on the open market place. The aim is to assist increase the method of obtaining and promoting a household, it is element of the conveyancing method and will include things like detailed facts about a house. IFA Independent Economic Adviser Instruction This is when you give an estate agent ‘Instructions’ or the appropriate to sell or let your house. Joint / Several Agency This is when you instruct a lot more than 1 estate agent to market place your house. Land Certificate The certificate that proves ownership of land issued by the land registry. Land Registry A government workplace that retailers records of land ownership and any charges like a mortgage. Lease A legal document detailing an agreement created among a freeholder and these occupying their house for a specified period of time. It lists all the situations which the leaseholder have to abide by and what the landlord’s responsibilities are. Leasehold Land or house is ‘leasehold’ when the owner has to spend the freeholder an annual sum of income. Lender A particular person or corporation that lends income for an agreed time period. They anticipate to have the income repaid back with interest added – your mortgage corporation is a lender. LTV Loan To Worth Upkeep Charge A landlord charges for the annual upkeep of a house which must be agreed in your contract. This involves maintaining the outdoors of the house in excellent order and gardening solutions in communal places. MIG Mortgage Indemnity Assure – an insurance coverage premium some lenders might have to have you to take out on particular mortgages. B&gtMortgage Cash borrowed from a lender to purchase a house. The borrower agrees to use his or her house as safety against it till the loan is paid back. Mortgage Deed A document which has the particulars of a mortgage arrangement. Mortgage Present An give from a lender which particulars the terms and situations of a loan. Mortgagor The person who is borrowing income for the objective of obtaining a house. Adverse Equity When you owe a lot more than the market place worth of your house, or have paid or are paying back a lot more than a house is worth. Present An give, generally beneath the asking price tag, you make on a house. OMV Open Industry Worth – the worth a house can realize when there is a prepared purchaser and seller. Redemption This is the moment when you spend off your mortgage Registered Land Land like any house on it that is registered with the land registry. Appropriate Of Way The legal access to a piece of house so as to access your personal house. ROI Return On Investment – how substantially you get out of what you place in. Searches The method of obtaining out if there are any undesirable effects now or planned for the future on a house. Sole Agency When a single (sole) estate agent has been offered the appropriate to sell or let a house. Stamp Duty Tax paid to the government on the buy price tag of house. Topic To Contract The point at which each parties are totally free to pull out of an agreement prior to exchange of contracts. Survey A survey is the report developed by a creating surveyor for the objective of figuring out the worth of the house and if it is structurally sound. Tenant A particular person or persons (can be a corporation or organisation) who is entitled to occupy a house beneath the terms and situations of a tenancy agreement. Tenure The form of ownership of a house such as Freehold or Leasehold Title The legal appropriate to ownership of a house. Title Deeds A Document that shows ownership of a house. Beneath Present When a house has had an give accepted but contracts have not been exchanged. Valuation A service by an estate agent or independent professional to identify the worth of a house in the existing market place. Vendor The particular person who is promoting a house. This is meant as a basic guide and must not be noticed as legal tips.

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